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INMEBA Diseño y Fabricacion

Design and Manufacturing
Within our range of services, we have sophisticated equipment for the design, manufacture and quality control of our products.

We have a monthly production capacity of 4.000 hours per shift, to which we must add another 500 hs. that concerns engineering and projects.

INMEBA Calidad

Quality Management

Our firm has certified the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 issued by “Det Norske Veritas”, in addition to certification by Lockheed Martin Aircraft Arg. S.A. and FAdeA S.A. as a supplier to the Aerospace Industry of machined parts and assemblies, checking fixtures and measurement control, construction of devices, molds, dies and aero parts.

Moreover, since January 2013 INMEBA is rated by INVAP S.E. as a supplier of items that meet the “Quality Requirements LEVEL A”, which means being a supplier suitable to manufacture parts that fulfill the highest quality standards of INVAP, as for aviation and aerospace components are concerned.

INMEBA Recursos Humanos

Human Resources

With the responsibility to produce with efficiency and quality, INMEBA has a staff totaling 40 highly trained professionals, 30 of them being direct labor and the remaining 10 formed part of the administrative staff and management of our company. Having them is fundamental and indispensable for the continued growth and the constant search for new markets of the firm.

CAD-CAM system

Our company has a CAD-CAM system for the correct design and construction of high precision parts, using more powerful tools in terms of design and programming.

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